Thursday, 4 November 2010

Carrot (mini) Muffins

Still on a health kick. It is exceedingly dull. And I miss cooking things that don't contain lentils.

So I've come up with a compromise - make things that aren't really my cup of tea (to avoid temptation) but that will be greatly enjoyed by my nearest and dearest nonetheless (still get to bake)

It's a start

With friends coming for brunch the toddler and I figured that muffins were the way to go. Now it must be said that I rather like a muffin - so adhering to above guidelines was somewhat tricky. But Domestic Goddess came up trumps once again and we came formulated a plan to create something to delight our guests, yet keep me on the straight and narrow

I have no idea why I don't like carrot cake. I like carrots. I like cake. I like cream cheese frosting... but somehow all these things together has never quite been my thing. So carrot cakey muffins were perhaps an obvious choice and the child and I lost no time in pulling out our aprons and getting cooking.

In order not to over face little ones I halved the recipe - and used regular fairy cake cases instead of the larger muffin ones. (This also meant they didn't need to stay in the oven quite as long)

If the cakes weren't quite as carroty as they should have been it is because a small girl of my acquaintance was placing much of what I grated into her mouth and not the bowl - but no matter. She took great joy in smearing on the icing and while the snowy topped buns were never going to win a beauty contest they still went down a storm - with old and young alike. Compliments to the chefs - and a new favourite for our household.

Even if mum didn't actually have so much as a nibble (*polishes halo*)